Corporate Social Policy

Corporate Social Policy

The Aeeris Early Warning Network is fundamentally focused on social responsibility, with a core mission of protecting people, property and business and organisational functionality from risks including natural disaster, extreme weather and other disruptive events.

To this end, a number of our products are made freely available at no cost to all persons, including standard alerts for severe weather, bushfire and natural disaster events (via Apps and email) and the safe@work app, which has a range of functionalities suiting remote and lone workers, including those in rural, regional and isolated locations.

We also make a more comprehensive level of warning service available at no cost to persons in the volunteer emergency services such as state bushfire brigades and state emergency services, and to those working within the RSPCA and wildlife rescue organisations.

Concern for the animals that share our world is a major focus for EWN, and our service allows these organisations to respond more quickly and safely when events occur that impact the wellbeing of both domesticated animals and wildlife.

We also actively engage with the policy processes that shape response to and preparedness for natural disaster events, as part of contributing to a more resilient society.

Our clients are central to how we manage our business and develop products, so we have from the outset maintained an open and accessible approach to customer feedback. We ensure there are multiple means for giving feedback, including email, social media, and land-line phone, which is staffed 24/7/365. Issues are promptly dealt with, whether it is a major corporate client or a worker at a community centre in a country town or retiree travelling the country using the free app as an alert system.

We are committed to dealing with all persons equally, regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, location or socio-economic circumstance. This is also reflected in our staffing, which includes people from diverse backgrounds and with varying needs in terms of work arrangement.

Because many of our staff are located in remote or regional areas, or have a high level of family commitments, Aeeris EWN actively promotes flexible working arrangements including remote work, telework and flexible rosters.

In terms of the environmental impact of our company, EWN is a low-footprint company in embodied energy for materials and facilities. The high proportion of remote working staff also reduces our need to consume resources for extensive premises, and we practice a virtually-paperless style of business, harnessing energy-efficient digital technology for the majority of communications and in-house processes.

Privacy and the rights of our stakeholders are of great importance. We are privy to a high level of sensitive information about our customers, including in many cases their current location. Protecting that is paramount, so we have invested in the best cyber-security systems available, and undertake regular system checks to ensure this information is protected within the EWN data domains. We are also committed to always respecting the rights of our customers and stakeholders under privacy legislation and – beyond that – simple common decency.

Aeeris EWN is committed to operating within the rule of law, including financial accountability and fiscal responsibility. Our management structure enables transparency, and our financial affairs are managed to meet all the applicable laws in the countries in which we operate. We do not and will not engage is practices such as “tax shelters”, being fully aware that the taxes paid by our company and by our workers contribute to the infrastructure, governance, resilience and wellbeing of the society that gives us our social license to operate.